The waves, 1905
bronze (olive patina)
55 x 59 cm x 20 cm

signed on the base: B.Biegas



- Bolesław Biegas.Miedzy inspiracją a symbolem, Villa la Fleur, Konstancin-Jeziorna, 2011



- Xavier Deryng, Bolesław Biegas, Polskie Towarzystwo-Historyczno Literackie w Paryżu, 2011, s. 267 (il.)
- Bolesław Biegas, Między inspiracją a symbolem, katalog wystawy, Villa la Fleur, 2011, s. 7 (il.)


From 1904, the artist began to create works with symbolist-secession features, where the rippling line is the dominant feature.The title Waves is a two-sided sculpture with highly expressionistic features achieved through the use of diagonal lines in the Art Nouveau, soft appearance.The conventional obverse is a male act depicted from the right profile, with idealizing features, where the hero's body together with the element of water create a perfect unity, combined with each other and directed in one direction.The other side of the sculpture is a figure jumping into the water, into its abyss.Water becomes an unfriendly element in this release, and from the depths a macabre head emerges with disheveled hair, probably a symbol of the sea god.The whole is expressionist, decorative with asymmetrical composition and symbolic overtones that confirms the great talent of the author, who by stylistic meanswas able to give such a powerful emotional charge.

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