The spherical portrait, ok. 1919
oil on cardboard
36.5 x 48.5 cm (wymiar z ramą 58 x 70.5 cm)

signed along the left side: B.Biegas


- Private collection (From the gift of the artist), Paris
- Private collection, Fontainebleau, France


The work belongs to spherical images that aroused interest in Bolesław Biegas in Paris salons.A new style charmed some of the French critics, and Biegas started to be referred in the wings as "the master of the wheel". Sphere was based on a composition grounded on circular forms intersecting each other, filled with tiny dots or small brush strokes.The circle was the main dominant, all other figures were omitted in this style. The whole creates new figures, and the contractually divided parts reveal a coherent totality.The spherical portrait from 1919 is an early picture resulting from the artist's experiments bringing his work closer to abstraction.The center of the composition shows the face en face with eye-catching attention.A strongly marked nose and eyebrow arches with angular lines are a tribute to cubism.The head has been integrated into a geometric mosaic constructed of many intersecting circles, delineated by means of a compass.In addition to the geometrized background, an important role in spherical images is played by the mutual relations of colors, newly created figures whose layout, variety and form refer to colorful stained glass windows.

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