Fishermen , 1926
tempera on paper
54 x 45.7 cm (wymiar z ramą 98 x 89 cm)

signed lower right : Leopold Gottlieb 
inscription on the reverse: Mr Cohn.


- Erich Cohn, New York
- Riverdale collection, New York



- Pion:  A literary and social weekly,, 1935, nr 27 (92), s. 7

- Exhibition of works by Leopold Gottlieb, Institute of Art Propaganda, Warsaw, June1935, nr 40, s. 20

- Artur Tanikowski,Wizerunki człowieczeństwa, rytuały powszedniości. Leopold Gottlieb i jego dzieło, Krakow, 2011,str. 186

- Między Montmartre’ema Montparnasse’em. Dzieła artystów polskich działających w Paryżu w latach 1900–1939, z kolekcji prywatnych, Muzeum Śląskie, Katowice, 2017, s. 183 (il.)


W Łodzi (On the boat) is one of several works of Gottlieb referring to the theme of working fishermen. Offered work is the third known version of compositions depicting fishermen. The other two are part of museum collections: of Muzeum Okręgowe in Radom and Galeria Mistrzów Polskich in Łódź (as a permanent deposit from Krzysztof Musiał collection). The main ispiration for Gottlieb to undertake the subject of the painting was, probably, his stay in Collioure and fascination with the Mediterranean culture and traditions. Gottlieb in very expressive way depicted hard work of fishermen while fishing. The sweeping way of lines drawn by the artist emphasizes the energetic movement of men and their effort to row and haul the trammels. Working crew is on the boat and the cityscape compose the background for fishing scene. The composition of the picture is based on the classic triangular plan, but whole depiction is still dynamic. The manner of artist's painting emphasise the impression of movement, invigorate action and strength.

In Arthur Tanikowski's words, monographer of Leopold Gottlieb, who included the offered picture to marine- fishing cycle, it is very important and interesting work, in undermentioned words he refers to it in his monography from 2011:
... Such a primacy of expression over the subject, expression intensely realted to the abstraction of form over the essence, which the artist, in his legacy, presumably before or afterwards, has never reached [...]. In the picture "On the boat", the deck is crowded of six people crew, struggling with their oars and trammels, but depicted in much more harmonious composition than on the previous images, based on the figure of the triangle, emphasizied by the way of shaping the background of already known landscape motive ... p. 186.

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