Palace of tenderness, 1928
oil on board
80 x 67 cm (wymiar z ramą 100 x 87 cm)

signed lower right: B.Biegas


- Legacy of Bolesław Biegas (Inwentory nr 415), Towarzystwo Historyczno-Literackie, Paris, 1954
- Galerie Jan Kugier, Geneva
- Dom aukcyjny Ader Picard Tajan, aukcja Tableaux et sculptures de Boleslas Biegas 1877–1954, Paris, 26 X 1990, (nr 61)
- Dom aukcyjny Cornette de Saint Cyr, Paris,17 XII 2014, (nr 85)



Muzeum im. Bolesława Biegasa, Warsaw, 2015



- Szymański's Inventory, nr 364, 1954
- Boleslas Biegas, J. C. Gaubert, Paris, 1974, nr 17, s. 35 (il.)


The Palace of Tenderness is a part of the Mystique of Infinity cycle in which the artist refers to the stylistics of symbolism, and, in particular, to the Island of the Dead by Arnold Böcklin.The artist creates an oniric atmosphere by applying strong contrasts that affect the viewer's imagination.He builds the composition through the use of uniform colored surfaces, which makes the picture almost monochromatic – contrasting with it two mysterious figures, glowing as if in an inner light, shown in a tender gesture.These silhouettes placed against dark rocks, trees and architecture are one of the many secrets of the island.Located further on, the palace is distinguished by flanked, anthropomorphic towers, all inlaid with precious stones that make it castle a fantastical building. Calmness makes the work stand out.The couple of lovers is a symbol of love, delicacy and care.The artist creates a picture of beautiful love on an enchanted island full of symbolistic-performance features.

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