The dancer
20 x 13 cm x 9 cm

signed on the base: B. Biegas


- Private collection, France


The inspiration for the creation of this sculpture was the Loiē Fuller dance, after the inventor's name.In choreography, the dancer moves along with the sheet of material that mimics her movements, creating an extremely efficiently composed whole.The model is captured in an expressionist dance, its outside is a frame from one moment.She stands on her right leg, the other one is bent, tilted back, her face, in full ecstasy, is tangled with soft rolls of fabric that combine with a silky dress and braided hair. The dancer's body structure is realistic, full of movement and dynamism, at the same time subtle. It is a full, freestanding sculpture. It belonged to a larger series of works – figures of dancers made of the same material – terracotta. After 1914, the artist became interested in the human body in motion, the dance became the ideal subject which Biegas will realize several times.The sculpture is dated to the period 1920–1922, in this series, the artists returns to the Art Nouveau style characteristic of his sculptures from 1904–1905, adding three-dimensionality.

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