oil on canvas
36.5 x 200 cm (wymiar z ramą 62 x 225 cm)


- Jansen Ferenc-Zimony (1887 II 14–1959 III 30), Nyíregyházi, Hungary, sice september 1939 (left by refugees from Poland, which was expropriated by the Germans). W 1942 Prezes Stowarzyszenia Banków Oszczędnościowych Nyíregyházi
- Joubert Szabolcs, Hungary



- Boleslas-Biegas. Sculpteur et peintre. Album, Paris, Louis Theuveny [b.d 1906], s. 3 (il.)
- Anna Maja Misiak, Bolesław Biegas (1877–1954).Twórczość rzeźbiarska, „Rocznik Muzeum Mazowieckiego w Płocku", t. 17: 2001, s. 39-68
- Xavier Deryng, Bolesław Biegas, Polskie Towarzystwo Historyczno-Literackie w Paryżu, 2011, s. 90-91 (il.)


"The Sadness depicts an unknown figure bowed to the left,dressed in a bright, white and blue long robe, showed from the profile.The head of this mysterious, non-defined person disappears in a large hood, his/her face is hidden in hands as a gesture of deep melancholy.The figure is placed in a wide and rocky, lifeless landscape.Three rock formations: one to the left from the figure, the second just behind it, and the third lower, slightly shifted to the right, imitate the shape of a bent human figure.In the rock, from which the hooded person somehow appears, there is another form of being, caught in the process of potential materialization or dematerialization.Rocks and stones enliven and give a rhythm to the composition.Their shapes form a decoratively winding line, dark contour of which distinctively cuts off from pink-red, illuminated by the rays of rising or setting, invisible on the painting sun.As in the case of Fala, the composition is flat, devoid of depth.The absolute emptiness of the landscape as well as the shape of the rocks which imitate a person full of sorrow, give this work of art a huge emotional charge.The lonely man-phantom lives on his own, alone with the dramas of his life. Neither human nor divine power will lend him a hand to face the adversities and the tragedy of a human condition.The picture is kept in a similar to Fala dark range of deep and saturated colors. However, it is dominated by various shades of quenched vermilion red. And here we have a sophisticated combination of colours with great decorative qualities that emphasize its decidedly symbolist character."
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