Titan of star creation, ok. 1918
oil on cardboard
46.5 x 56.5 cm (wymiar z ramą 53.5 x 64 cm)

signed lower right: B.Biegas


- Legacy of Bolesław Biegas (Inventory nr 238), Towarzystwo Historyczno-Literackie, Paris, 1954
- Dom aukcyjny Pescheteau-Badin-Godeau-Leroy & De Ricqle's, Paryż, 11 VI 1999, (nr 165)
- Private collection, France



- Villa la Fleur, Konstancin-Jeziorna, 2011, Bolesław Biegas.Między inspiracją a symbolem



- Szymański's Inventory, nr 238, Tytan tworzenia gwiazd (Titan de la Création des étoiles), 1954
- Bolesław Biegas, Między inspiracją a symbolem, katalog wystawy, Villa la Fleur, 2011, s. 15 (il.)


The image belongs to a series of works called Titans and Titanesses.These works belong to the widely discussed cosmological issues, which the artist takes up in his work several times.This series is a preview of the most-known spherical images from Biegas.The traits of following the sphere are visible in the background, based on full circles. Figures do not intersect with each other, so they do not create new systems as in spherical images. In the center of the composition is a male figure with wings blending in with the surroundings built of colorful circles. A figure of a strong male construction, depicted in an unnaturally curled position, with his head embedded in his arms.Through the applied shading, the artist obtains a specific anatomy of the character.Titan's hands repeat gestures of Hindu mudras, whose symbolism Biegas will develop in the following years of his work.The background is made of colorful circles, covered with small spots, cast with real virtuosity.The main color dominants are bright green, blue and orange, and light purple.The picture is relatively small, but by using a strong anatomy of the hero, it seems monumental.

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