Information about the exhibition:
• Place: Salon D.A. Artissima, 39 Zielna Street (PAST building)
• Duration: 20 sierpnia – 15 września 2015 (pon.-pt., godz. 11:00-18:00)
• Curator: dr Monika Bryl
• Additional information: Free admission, access for people with disability

On exhibition you will be able to see the most famous paintings, as well as artworks created by artists still undiscovered to the general public, including, e.g. Franciszka Themerson and Helena Berlewi, artists with very interesting artistic biographies.

Works of art of Gottlieb, Menkes and Muter are the most beautiful artistic traces of lost spirituality of  Polish Jews. Openness in perception of philosophical dilemmas and world around them brought wonderful results in the form of universal and timeless art that gained recognition in the past and today.
Krzysztof Wejman, owner of the Wejman Gallery



Information about the exhibitions’ organizers:
– Artissima Auction House
Artissima Auction House was established in 2013. Thanks to expertise and many years of experience of our employees we are able to meet the expectations both of art lovers and fastidious collectors who appreciate particularly Polish painting and arts and crafts from the 19th and the first half of 20th century. Salon of Art D.A. Artissima is housed in a historic building of PAST (Polish Telephone Joint-stock Company), in the city center of Warsaw. Salon D.A. Artissima is the space where auctions, exhibitions, collector’s meetings and courses for investors take place. Due to collaboration with AD-ARTE company, we can offer professional advice on assessment and valuation of works of art, creation and promotion of collections, as well as assistance in execution of the art market transactions in Poland and abroad. Warsaw, 39 Zielna Street (PAST building, ground floor)

– Wejman Gallery - Gallery of Art from the 20th century
Based on the experience acquired since 2004, relevant to implementations for collectors, galleries and cultural institutions, Wejman Gallery presents the most interesting phenomena of Polish art of the 20th century.  The profile of the Gallery significantly focuses on Polish artists of Jewish descent who had a great importance in the art world, among them are Mela Muter, Leopold Gottlieb and Roman Kramsztyk. One of our greatest achievements was discovering and bringing to Poland in 2009 artworks created by Bolesław Biegas, the group of nearly 170 paintings and sculptures. This outstanding  art collection was presented in 2009-2014 as a deposit in specially created exhibition space in the Mazowieckie Muzeum in Plock. From 2015 the collection found its place in newly established Museum of Bolesław Biegas in Warsaw.